Specifying the right sized air dryer for your needs.

Polar Air designs and manufactures desiccant twin-tower air dryers in 19 different sizes, enabling you to specify the ideal model for your needs. We also assist customers with this specification process, ensuring that you get the perfect model to ensure that your air drying needs are met optimally and efficiently, saving space and energy.
Our smallest model, the AD 10, comes in cabinet form (L 500mm x B 220mm x H 600mm) and is capable of drying compressed air from as low as 5m³/h flow at 3 Bar, up to as high as 22m³/h at 20 Bar. It is an ideal unit to be used with instrumentation where it becomes essential to remove all moisture to prevent damage and inaccurate readings.issue 2
At the other end of the scale, we offer the AD 3500. This is a freestanding unit that comes on its own stand, ready for installation. It is 1820mm x 1250mm x 2763mm big and is ready to be used from as low as 1800 m³/h at 3 Bar, up to 6000m³/h at 12 Bar
This wide model range allows Polar air to specifically choose the right sized air dryer for the amount of air that is required to be dried, and works with all makes of compressors.
All of our air dryers can have a pre and after filter attached. Also, it is always recommended to have an oil trap installed before the dryer, extending the lifespan of the desiccant used in the twin towers.
Attached is a graph showing the correct air dryer to be used with reference to required air flow m³/h and operational pressure.