Polar Air offers a wide range of desiccant air dryers, the smallest of which are specially designed and manufactured to fit into any space where there is a need for compressed dry air with a dew point as low as -40°C.
These units can be wall mounted close to an electricity source that can provide power to the dryer’s electronics as well as the operation of all solenoid controlled valves used on the drying system.
These dryers are installed as close as possible to the point of use and will remove water vapour formed in the air line even if there is a main dryer installed at the compressor. Water does get formed in the air line depending on the distance the air has to travel.
Point of use air dryers comes in 3 different sizes – the AD 10, AD 15 and AD 20 models – starting with as low a flow of 3m³/h up to 22m³/h. This is measured at 6 bar operation pressure, and all come complete in a cabinet of 500mm x 220mm x 600mm.