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Polar Air offers a wide range of desiccant air dryers, the smallest of which are specially designed and manufactured to fit into any space where there is a need for compressed dry air with a dew point as low as -40°C. These units can be wall mounted close to an electricity source that can provide […]

Specifying the right sized air dryer for your needs.

Polar Air designs and manufactures desiccant twin-tower air dryers in 19 different sizes, enabling you to specify the ideal model for your needs. We also assist customers with this specification process, ensuring that you get the perfect model to ensure that your air drying needs are met optimally and efficiently, saving space and energy.

What is a cable dehydrator?

A cable dehydrator is a machine that generates air, dries it, stores the air and then distributes the air to copper cables. Moisture in copper cables causes problems such as static, damaged cables, cross lines or even dropped calls. Slow internet speeds and generally unreliability can also be experienced.

Sepremium Compressed Air Condensate Separation

South Africa’s environmental and water management legislation strictly regulates wastewater disposal in this country. The laws are non-negotiable and management strategies must be put in place by manufacturing plants, mines and other industrial role players to ensure that they comply with the legislation. All compressed air systems produce waste that needs to be disposed of […]